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November 11 2013


Make Money With URL Shortener Automated Adfly

If you are going to make a killing with this method, your video has got to rank high enough on the most popular search term for your song!
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How I Make Money From Adfly All Methods Posted

Generally you will need to have a great volume of ad impressions to earn a significant amount of money through adfly. Their payment threshold is at $5 and they pay out regularly at the beginning of each month. Not only will you learn how to make money online with Adf.ly url shortener and tips on how to make $180 per day, you will also have the full list of all the high paying url shortening websites that are like Adfly clone which you can use to multiply that amount per day. Imagine if everytime someone clicked on any of your links you made money. adf.ly Once you finish that you are ready to begin making money. Interesting right? I wanted to put up a tutorial about this method because it has so much potential and many people still never heard of. One of those things is the interface it has, it's simple to navigate and understand even for new users. In the end you might get thousands of clicks on your links every day on autopilot. Learn the Basic Adf.ly Tricks! So if you're a famous person or has a great way to get referrals online this is for you. In this category the links it self is the ads. In the Publisher Stats you can monitor your referrals and earnings they give you, check this example below: I mean it's free money, I just started this and only have 3 referrals but already have $60 free, who doesn't like free money? The ad shows for 5 seconds before you can click "skip ad" and continue to the links destination. Though, you should not overdo this, putting links in instant messenger chats gives little to no money and only wastes time for you and the one clicking the link.
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